What is Probate?

Probate practice involves

  • Managing the affairs and assets of someone who has died
  • dealing with taxes,
  • winding up or selling a business after a death
  • selling property after a death
  • collecting and paying expenses and debts
  • ensuring beneficiaries obtain the inheritance to which they are entitled.

Sharing the burden with an expert probate solicitor can make a difference.

If your loved one dealt with a Solicitor when making your Will, he or she would usually retain the original document in safekeeping.

Hopefully, he/ she would have told a family member the name of the Solicitor so they can get in touch .
Otherwise,after an appropriate time the Solicitor may contact the Executor named in the Will. That person has the legal obligation, if he chooses to act, to administer your Estate.

Anything that eases the burden on the family or relatives left behind, must be deemed worthwhile. We can help with that – sensitively.

How Can Our Thurles Probate Solicitor Help You?

I don’t do this work in isolation.

I understand that communication with you, the client, is of paramount importance.

As a Thurles Probate Solicitor, I can
help you deal with the demands of beneficiaries .
I can communicate with State and Financial Authorities including Revenue and Social Welfare.
I can arrange the interim management of a business where needed ;
sell property in the Estate as required
Advise on the meaning of the Will of the Deceased
Explaining to you Inheritance Tax reliefs and exemptions

I can do the work to take out a Grant of Probate.

This involves filing certain documents to the Revenue Commissioners, detailing all of the assets owned either solely or jointly together with details of the bequests made in the Will.

Thereafter, application is made to an office of the High Court to have the Grant of Probate issued.

This is what allows the Executors to collect monies from bank accounts, to transfer property by way of sale or otherwise and to complete the wishes the deceased declared when making the Will.

Once all of the wishes have been dealt with and Tax Returns made with clearances on the file, the Estate can be wound up by the Executors.

In the absence of a Will, matters can be even more complex.

Good preparation, with the help of an experienced Wills solicitor from Neil J. Butler & Co can often mean a simpler and speedier procedure after death.

Our team of Wills solicitors and Probate lawyers at Neil J. Butler & Co., provide a full service of advice when making a Will and administering Estates.

We can also assist in situations where no arrangements have been made and sudden death occurs.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR YOU? – get in touch ... we will help

We will guide and support you through the necessary steps and procedures using our years of experience and expertise to make sure we get the best possible outcome for you.