What Happens your Social Media files if you die?

Have you thought about what happens all your online info, photos, blogs if you die or are disabled?

Can your Loved ones access your Social Media files?

Do you want them to ?

Is your business website, Facebook page, Google + Page, Twitter account ; Linkedin Page available to those who will run your business?

These and many other very important questions have come to mind this week , after I came across a newspaper Article on  the subject.

image re dead socialThe Article is linked here – my thanks  to Marie Boran

It’s very thought-provoking  and as a Lawyer , I need  to address this in the context  of  the service I provide my clients.

But people can help themselves before  they come to see me or my colleagues – think about  the issue  and prepare !

What Can you  do with your online life if you die?

The first thing is to look at the settings page in each of  the Social Media platforms you use – is  there an option to manage an account if it is inactive ?

Check Google’s system – it allows you to name  people who will be notified by Google if your account has been inactive  for a set period – you decide but  the minimum is 3 months- and those people are given options by you to access  and download your info OR to simply delete it. You can also tell Google  to delete it after a time.

The Article refers  to a great Site – Deadsocial.org – try  the Resource page.

I’ll be looking  at this in greater detail on my website , so come back and let’s work through this together !!