This is Vital if you want to move house quickly!

If you have finally found a buyer for your house or property, you want to move house as quickly as possible, with the least stress or anxiety.

To move house quickly, do the following….

Choose a Solicitor who will deliver  the attention and efficiencies that are needed to ensure you get the Result – not all Solicitors are the same !

Look at my Tips for Choosing a Solicitor here

Having chosen the correct Solicitor – hopefully, me…!- there are some things  that are really important that you can do  and that will help accelerate things :

1   Have your PPS number  and that of your spouse or Partner easily available . A letter from Revenue or a P60 Form  are ideal.

2   LPT or Local Property Tax – you should have a PIN  and a Property ID Code. Either print out the LPT history from the website  or give the numbers to your Solicitor  so he/she can do it.

3   Septic Tank Registration – if you live in the country  and have such a drainage system , it must be registered with the Co Council. Those Registration numbers etc are also needed by your Solicitor.

4   NPPR – Non Principal Private Residence Tax. If you own an investment apartment or house  that you rent out  and are now selling it , you need to give your Solicitor a print-out of the tax history. If you can’t access it , your Solicitor can help you.

5   Irish Water Registration – again , have the details  ready.

6   Have you built any extensions to the house ; or maybe converted your

garage ? Your Solicitor will need the Planning Permission or else details of when it was built and what floor area it has

7   If you have a mortgage, then the Mortgage account details and the last Statement showing the balance due will be a great help to your Solicitor.

8   Arrange an appointment with Me – I can meet you personally OR we can meet online , using Google Hangouts  or  Skype. We can also use e-mail to set up the initial processes. Location and time is not a barrier !

By working together and being organised , we can get this done for you !

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By Neil Butler

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