Different Terms and Conditions apply depending on the type of work that we agree to do for you. Full details will be given at the outset of the file.

Becoming a client:

You will understand the need for a certain formality in setting up the solicitor/client relationship. In particular the sending of preliminary e-mails or correspondences to this office and our preliminary replies to you are exploratory only and do not bring about a solicitor/client relationship

In order for you to become a client of this Firm the following must happen:
  • You receive our acknowledgement of your preliminary instructions, confirmation of our willingness to take on your case and the basis upon which fees, outlay and VAT will be charged.
  • We agree the scope of the work and you agree to our terms of business, the details of which will be advised to you in writing
  • You pay our initial consultation fee (amount to be advised to you in the course of the exploratory contacts)
  • You produce evidence of identity to us – in order to comply with the anti-money laundering regulations
Which law applies?

We only advise on Irish law and only accept instructions on the understanding that the contract with you the client is based on the law of the Republic of Ireland and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Ireland.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We carry Indemnity Insurance as required by Law and the limit of our liability in relation to any matter will be the extent of the minimum annual cover required to be held as a Practicing Solicitor by the Law Society of Ireland or such other Body as may be vested by Law with the regulation of such matters from time to time.