Whether in retail, manufacturing or Services, every business  that provides something to a customer for payment should have a standard  set of Terms and Conditions , otherwise called a Contract. It is no different  for a business start-up.“Standard”  may be misleading – it should be the terms that your business works to, for each item of business it transacts. Those terms will not be the same  for another type of business  or even  for the same type of business carried on by a competitor. But they are standard for you.You can help yourself here– get sample contracts of what other people do in your industry. Use it as a place to start and then consider what specific things you want to cover.Examples are :-

  • clearly spelled- out pricing,
  • when payment is due,
  • what penalties or interest is owed if payment isn’t made.
  • limit or minimize any representations and warranties about the product or service
  • include limitations on your liability if the product or service doesn’t meet expectations.
  • Include a “force majeure” clause relieving you from breach if unforeseen events occur
  • state how disputes will be resolved – arbitration and/or mediation
  • state the  location of the Courts that are to have jurisdiction over any disputes- presumably those in Ireland

Make sure you have an experienced Business Law Solicitor to review and finalise it – it must comply with Irish and European Law.We at Neil J. Butler & Co. Solicitors can help…..Our Business Law Solicitors want to get to know you ; to support your legal needs, keeping you updated at each stage so that you feel you are served by a professional, efficient and customer-oriented Firm.We do not charge for initial enquiries so please get in touch….Complete our Free Enquiry Form , email or call on 0504-24173