SumUp Your Business !

SumUp Your Business !


Why we use SumUp Card Reader as part of our Cashflow Management

I took delivery of my new SumUp Pin+ Card Reader this week. It is a revelation !

It now makes it easy for me to receive payment from a client either in the office  or by taking  the Reader device with me – it’s small enough to easily fit in my pocket – anywhere I choose to meet a client ; his/ her business premises , home, at Court , in a hotel……

It will work for your business too. Cashflow Management is survival.

SumUp’s proprietary technology is the first in the world to cover the whole payments process including the Chip & PIN card terminal, Android and iOS mobile apps, a payment platform with fully certified EMV processing technology, risk and anti-fraud solutions and operations systems.

SumUp developed and built PIN+ in less than 18 months after being unable to find an existing mPOS Chip & PIN device that met the company’s strict requirements for small and medium sized merchants.


The Device is almost Apple-like in it’s presentation – good pysical design with a size and shape  that makes it easy to handle  and a clever and easy to use App to use it.

 In order to use SumUp PIN+ you need the latest version of the SumUp App, and your smartphone or tablet must support Bluetooth 4.0 and run on the following operating system: Apple iOS 7.0 or higher / Android 4.3 or higher. So, it works on both Apple devices and on the other popular smartphones like Samsungs, Sony etc. It won’t work  on a Windows Phone  though.

 Setting up an account is so easy and payment is quick. With no Contract Term , no minimum monthly spend  and transaction costs of just 1.95% each , it really is an attractive proposition for any business.

 The other really useful aspect is that once your account is set up , you are not confined to one device to pair the Reader terminal. I have enabled my iPhone , my Office iPad  and also the iPhone used by my Associate by downloading the App to each device  and then sharing the login details.. That way if I am away from the Office, we can still take a payment.

 We have Wi-Fi in the Office so we can use the Pin+ Terminal without cables . But if there is no Wi-Fi , then we can connect the Terminal  to the smartphone using a small cable  that connects to the earphones socket.

 And finally, if the client wishes , we can send them the transaction receipt either by SMS or by e-mail, thus speeding up the payment process and ensuring they can always find their record.

 By Neil Butler


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