How easily it can happen – and how embarrassing when you trip or fall in  public or at work!

Wherever it occurs , if you have slipped or tripped over something which should not have been there or which should have been better maintained, then you need to understand your rights under the Law.

The injuries  caused by a trips and falls can range from broken wrists as you try to break your fall, broken hips, broken ankles to back injury or brain damage.

To understand your rights if you suffer injury in a trip or fall, these cases  must be closely examined on their own merits by an experienced personal injury solicitor.

What kind of Trips and Falls Rights do we mean?

The Personal Injury Solicitors at Neil J. Butler & Co. have many years of experience of giving advice to people involved in trip and fall incidents. Your rights and the actions open to you differ depending on the facts and the location of the incident :

  • Trips on public footpaths or on roadways. – Each Local Authority must ensure that any reports received of unsafe surfaces are promptly repaired ; they must also carry out works , including repairs in a manner that does not cause a danger at the time or later; if they employ others to do works , then they must ensure proper standards of work and safety are achieved; they must provide safe and adequate alternative routes while works are happening. If they are in breach of these and other such duties , then if you are injured as a result, you may have rights against them.
  • Falls at Work– Employers have a duty to ensure the workplace is safe. However, sometimes dangers arise because another employee is careless – leaving material in the wrong place or failing to clean a spillage which causes someone to trip and fall. Even in those cases , the Law says the Employer is liable. Or there might be a failure to supply appropriate safety equipment or clothing – slips at a car-wash ; injuries from dropped items where inadequate footwear was used ; failure to properly train someone to clean a machine so that waste spreads to   the floor causing a danger ; failure to properly secure or manage electrical cables in an office space.
  • Falls in Supermarkets, cinemas , Leisure Centres- While most such locations are very well run, incidents happen where there is failure to spot a spillage or piece of fruit that has fallen to the floor ; children running across a wet floor ; or something left on a step which cannot be seen in the dark.

How can I help my Injury Claim?

If you are hurt in a Trip and Fall incident, it can be difficult to think straight at the time but the following steps should be tried:

  • Report to a staff member as soon as you can ; get the persons name and contact number. Do not feel pressured to make a full statement to them – simply tell them you fell and show them the place without further comment.
  • Take a note on your phone or a slip of paper of the date , time and place with a short description of your immediate memory of how it happened
  • Get names , addresses and phone numbers of as many witnesses as you can
  • Take a photo of the location and particularly of any item that caused the problem.Try to save that item and bring it with you. Try to show the size of the item that might have been on the floor by placing something else beside it – a car key or glasses case or such.
  • Contact your Personal Injury Solicitor at Neil J. Butler & Co.

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