What is Medical Negligence?

The medical professionals we meet  usually provide a caring service with high standards . However there are occasions when things go wrong and a medical accident or oversight causes harm to a patient.

When that accident is due to incompetence or lack of care, it may amount to Medical Negligence.

Medical Negligence happens when a trained Medical Professional fails to meet a standard of care that is generally accepted as being the norm in the treatment of a condition, where that failure causes  injury.

It includes cases where no medical treatment is given when in fact it should have been , as a result of which a condition is left unknown, is prolonged or made untreatable.

Examples are :

  • A mistake made during treatment , such as carrying out an operation in a faulty manner or giving the wrong drugs
  • A failure to properly diagnose a condition or failing to send you for further investigation or scans that would have discovered a condition
  • A failure to adequately explain or warn of potential risks involved in the treatment
  • A failure to get the required and and informed consent.

Have you questions on Medical Negligence?

The law dealing with Medical Negligence  needs specialist legal expertise. Our solicitors at Neil J. Butler & Co. have over 10 years experience handling medical negligence cases so they will understand and be sympathetic to the issues you face.

  • We understand the Duty of Care the Medical Professional owes to the patient
  • We know where to locate the best medical experts to review your case and supply the Expert Reports that will prove your Medical Negligence Claim;
  • we have access  to the best  and most experienced legal teams in the Law Library to work for you.
  • We can provide a sympathetic but strongly effective representation  to you.

We understand the worry and distress you are going through and believe we can help support you.

You may be lacking information or indeed have too much of a general kind, so it is hard to know what to do. We understand that .

Sometimes an initial minor injury can be  the starting point for a failure in medical care or  medical negligence, which in turn, can cause more serious problems  for you  the patient.

So, talk  to us – we’ll help you understand your options.

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