Having your child involved in an accident is always distressing and upsetting. If the child injury occurs as a result of another person’s or Organisation’s actions or failures amounting to legal negligence, then you, as parent, need to know your rights  on behalf of your injured child.

The legal rights available to parents to deal with injured children depend on the circumstances of the accident –

  • did it involve the driving of a car or other vehicle?;
  • was there faulty play equipment or toys involved ? ;
  • was a building site poorly protected?;
  • did it happen in school, at a Club or in a public space?
  • did it happen at home?


What do i do if my child has suffered Personal Injury

It is vitial not to waste time
Accident locations or equipment used can change or be adjusted quickly

Often the child is unclear about his/her memory of the accident. So, the sooner an inspection and photo can be done by experts the better. Then there’ll be a more clear understanding of how the child injury happened

Our Personal Injury Solicitors can organise these things for you quickly, once you contact us

What Rights Has My Injured Child?

Like any citizen, an injured child has a right to use the legal system to place responsibility on the person or organisation that either did something or failed to do something that can be proven to have caused the injury.

Our personal injury solicitors at Neil J. Butler & Co. understand the legal system – use our knowledge on behalf of your child.

The Courts provide protection for injured children by requiring the consent of a Judge to any settlement offer. The application for that consent and the advice about any offer , is part of the service that we offer and ensures the protection of the interests of injured children.

Any offer that is accepted or any award of compensation made by a Court at a Hearing on behalf of injured children , is invested by the Courts Service on behalf of the child, until the young person reaches the age of 18 years. Our personal injury solicitors can help apply for special payments to you as parents to help meet care and other costs as they arise in the meantime.

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