Since 1985, animal owners have , by law, a duty to see to it that their animals do not stray on to the public road. Any injury  or damage caused by an animal on the roadway makes the owner liable to pay compensation, even if they had no way of knowing that the animal was on the road.

This is not confined to livestock –  Animal Accident claims  can arise  if a pet owner fails to properly supervise their pet, causing a member of the public to suffer injury or damage. These events can be very traumatic and in some cases can have effects long after the physical injury has been repaired.

Even if the animal is properly supervised , animal accidents  can happen if another road user or driver fails to behave in a way that takes account of the presence of the animal.

If a driver, by his driving, causes fright to a horse resulting in the rider being thrown, then that driver may well be held responsible for any injury suffered by  the Rider.

What Do I Do If Injured By An Animal?

Once appropriate medical help has been obtained , then you need to understand your legal rights following the animal accident.
Neil J. Butler & Co. have experienced personal injury solicitors who have been helping people understand their rights in this area of Animal Accidents for over 30 years. We are located in Rural Ireland and while we understand  farmers need to move animals from one place to another, that comes with responsibilities. We also know  that even the best of farmers can be frustrated by the actions of people crossing their lands.

It may be impossible to do  but consider the following tips :-

– use your phone to get a photo of the animal

– take a photo of  the location as  most photos taken on a phone will add GPS data  which can be very useful

-get the names  and contact details of anyone who comes to help you

– report  the incident to the Gardai  and the County Council Dog Warden where appropriate

Contact us for a  consultation – we’ll help assess if you have a right to take action for compensation.

* in contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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