Do I need a Solicitor for my Injuries Board Claim?

Legally , according to the Rules , the answer is No.

But some 90% of Claimants prefer the security and support provided by engaging a Solicitor to act for them in handling an Injuries Board Claim.

It does make sense …..

How can a Solicitor help my Injuries Board Claim?

  • Do you know what is meant by General Damages and Special Damages?
  • Do you know  what the Book of Quantum is?
  • Do you know where to get Expert Reports , if needed to support your Claim?
  • Do you know when the time is right to settle and when to fight ?
  • Do you know how to read a Medical Report and understand if further information is needed , maybe from another Consultant?
  • Do you know what  value other , similar Claims have had before the Injuries Board  and before the Courts?
  • Do you know enough to be sure  that you are getting the best possible result in your Claim?


Most people would answer No to these questions – because you are not a Solicitor  and never had any reason to learn  these things.

But we at Neil J. Butler & Co. Solicitors have learnt these things .

We have been handling Injuries Board Claims since

And we can use  that specialist knowledge for your benefit if you have been hurt  and need to bring a Claim before the Injuries Board.*

 What about Costs?

Yes, we’ll explain that the Board  does not pay anything toward your costs  and that we therefore have to be paid by you. But you’ll pay  for an Expert service from experienced Professionals who will work to get the best result possible for you and who will tell you if the Offer from the Injuries Board simply is’nt enough.


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* in contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

By Neil Butler