None of us like the idea of having a mortgage , right?
BUT , often we don’t have a choice if we want to get our own home or if we want to improve the one we have.
Because the rates and offers change so many times each year as the Lenders fight for market share, there’s no point in our trying to suggest which one is best for you at this stage.

Small Print

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However, our experienced Solicitors will be able to give you guidance when you actually get an Offer. We’ll lead you through the awful language that Lenders use in their small print and Special Conditions ; we’ll explain the costs involved ,many of them imposed by Government and we’ll have comments for you on insurances and Life cover requirements.
Often, the Conditions in an Offer can be unreasonable, unworkable or plain wrong if the Lender has copied them from a template used in something else. It’s our experience that lets us recognize when this is the case and our knowledge that lets us get it adjusted for you.


Building Your Own Home – Stage Payments

If you want to build your own house , you’ll need stage payments .
It is VITAL that you understand what you information you need before you go to your Lender to get the package that suits you .
We can help with that – there is lots you can do to position yourself in the best way when meeting the Bank but you need our knowledge.
You also need to understand what is possible , so in turn, you can talk to your builder to make sure his expectations about money flow are realistic.
This is really true when you are nearing the final stage. You want to get into the house ; the builder wants to get paid but the Bank will insist on certain Certificates from Experts before the final monies are released. Let us help you manage that process – knowledge takes the stress out of it !
Similar issues can occur when renovating or extending an existing house or premises.

Switching Mortgage

If you are selling one place but hoping to transfer a Tracker loan or existing package with you , then it is in YOUR INTEREST to talk to us early!

There can be pitfalls that unless managed can spoil your plans…..

Our Property Solicitor will give you

  • a written set of Terms of Business,
  • a detailed breakdown of the costs to be incurred.
  • A list of the information and documents you need to pull together to allow things move quickly.


You are the one who can solve delays before they happen – we work with you to ensure it happens.

  • Help us get your Deeds from any Bank involved
  • Get redemption figures on any mortgage
  • Get Local Property Tax details
  • Get BER Certs; planning updates
  • Get septic tank registrations
  • Get water meter details and so on.

8 Steps to get you moving House Quickly

Free Guide to Buying and Selling Property