Why should you be thinking about making a Will?

  • How will my Spouse manage after my death?
  • Who will look after my children after my death
  • What about my Partner if I’m not married?
  • How can I be fair to everyone after I die?
  • What happens to our house if I die?
  • What happens if I owe money when I die?
  • Are there taxes to be paid when I die?
  • I may be a beneficiary in a Will – what should I do?
  • My relative died without a Will – what do I do?

“I went through a difficult time after an sudden death. Neil, Siobhan and the team at Neil J. Butler & Co. helped greatly to ease my burden. I can say at all times I had
Confidence in the standard of work
Personal and sympathetic approach
Immediate response to questions and queries”

Mary C.- Thurles. Feb. 2015

The Law sets out in the Succession Act what is to happen to our assets if we die without a Will ( the technical term is “intestate”). Those rules may not give the things or value you wish to those you want to benefit.

If you make a Will with an expert Wills Solicitor , you take control of how your assets are managed after your death.

Making a Will drafted by the experienced Wills solicitors at Neil J. Butler & Co. also allows you declare your wishes for your funeral arrangements, any bequests you want to make to Charity and to name who should be given the power to see to your wishes.

It can also allow you name Children’s Guardians for any young children you may have. To find out more about how to make a will, click here.

You should also think about what might happen if you became disabled or incapacitated but did not die – please see our information on Enduring Power of Attorney here.

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