Enduring Power of Attorney

Have you thought about what happens if you become disabled or incapable of managing your life alone

  • Are you married – what happens as you both grow older?
  • Are you widowed?
  • Are you separated or divorced?
  • Are your children grown and living abroad?

An Enduring Power of Attorney is an essential part of the answer

What is an Enduring Power of Attorney?


Guide to Enduring Powers of Attorney


An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a legal document by which one person (the donor) states that another person (the attorney) will have power to act in the future on the donor’s behalf during any later mental incapacity of the donor. It is used, for example, between parents and their adult children to allow them to assume control over their parents’ affairs should they become mentally incapacitated, such as in the case of a diagnosis Alzheimers disease.

7 Reasons Why You Should Make An Enduring Power of Attorney

  1. You decide who is to look after your personal needs, if required
  2. You can also have your assets or business affairs taken care of in a structured way
  3. You give yourself peace of mind , knowing these arrangements are in place
  4. You can ensure there is no undue financial strain imposed on family due to your illness or disability
  5. While a Will covers things after death , this document governs the period from mental disability to death
  6. It does not activate until something profound happens to you
  7. You can change it or revoke it at any time up to it’s activation, if you wish

How do I make an Enduring Power of Attorney?

It is a very sensitive and private issue and needs the care and professional knowledge that an experienced Solicitor can give you – solicitors like those at Neil J. Butler & Co. We have been providing advice on Enduring Powers of Attorney since 1996.

Our role is also to help protect you from others who may be opportunistic or well-intentioned but misguided. As part of this we are required to sign formal Statements to the effect that we are satisfied that you understand the effect of making the Power and that our enquiries satisfy us that you are acting freely and without duress or undue influence from anyone else.

An Enduring Power is a key part to arranging your affairs so that problems are minimised for those important people in your life in the event that misfortune befalls you. The other key part is making a Will – we have experienced Wills Solicitors that can help you with that too.

We have prepared a Guide to making an Enduring Power of Attorney that you may find useful.

If thinking about these arrangements , can we suggest  you also consider making a Will – so that your affairs after death are also properly managed. We can help you with this too – see our Wills page here

Contact us by email or phone to discuss making an Enduring Power of Attorney. 0504-24173 ; neil@njbutler.ie



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