How can a Consumer Rights Solicitor help with a Contract Dispute?

Unfortunately, as a Consumer of goods and services you can sometimes find yourself in confrontation with another business or person. This can be  as a result of a failure of that service, defective goods, breach of rights relating to brand or name, or indeed breach of terms agreed between you and your Service Provider.

Breach of Contract Disputes can be damaging and costly.

Any Contract Dispute that is prolonged uses financial resources and distracts you from important things in your life and even from running your own business.

Expert legal advice from Consumer Rights Solicitors from our Firm can help to reduce the length and cost of such disputes. We can listen to the details of the case and then recommend suitable options to seek to resolve it – to get you the right outcome, minimising the cost and disruption to your life. As a Consumer , there is a huge body of case-law and Regulation at national and European level that seeks to protect you. We can help to identify the areas applicable to your issue.

Dispute resolution is no longer just about being able to use the Courts effectively to litigate the problem. While that has it’s place and we have experience and skills in litigation, we also encourage the use of alternatives for Contract Disputes such as mediation and arbitration.

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