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Neil and the team at Neil J. Butler & Co. Solicitors work with private and business clients to quickly and successfully resolve their issues with practical legal solutions. With proven expertise in specialist areas of the law and by engaging and involving the client throughout the process, the Firm is uniquely positioned to achieve the best outcome quickly and efficiently. By embracing technologies to streamline Case management and communications, Neil J. Butler & Co. Solicitors is available and accessible to clients – wherever the client is and whenever assistance is required.

Legal Services

We at Neil J. Butler & Co. Solicitors understand that clients require both legal expertise and a Firm that will take the time to understand the issue, the wider context and look after your best interests. We have proven ourselves as being expert in the law; current on matters in our Practice area and effective for our clients. We are available and accessible to you, our clients – keeping you informed and engaged, with a clear understanding of the process, time and costs required to achieve the preferred outcome.

Our Specialist Solicitors can provide legal services across a range of issues including:

Property Law
Wills and Estate Planning
Enduring Power of Attorney
Personal Injury Law
Business Law
Family Law

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