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No offence intended but if you're here, you likely have an issue about property.
You also need to know CAN WE SOLVE IT?

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We will minimise the stress that comes in dealing with Banks, the Revenue, and the legal process by making sure you are kept fully included in the information flow and that creative solutions are found for the obstacles that arise.

Neil and Siobhan, thank you so much for the amazing work you put in while handling our sale and purchase. I want you to know we are so appreciative of the hard work you put in. We were amazed and delighted at the effort you put in and the lengths you went to to get the sale and purchase over the line with all the constraints that we were up against.

M & MH, Thurles, Jan. 2016
What are the three biggest benefits of our service for you?
1. Being able to trust that things would be taken care in a professional manner
2. Access – being able to discuss worries and get reassurance when needed
3. Being listened to with regards to my requirements
I would highly recommend others based on the service I received

Ann R, Cork, Aug. 2015

We give you these Commitments:


You need expert advice so experience and training is essential. Not all Solicitors are the same – ask; check it out. We can prove our expertise. And if we don't practice in the area of law related to your query - we'll tell you and not mislead.


You have a lot of demands on your time. Your legal work is important but it's not always easy for you to deal with it during the normal working day. We will adapt appointments and offer supports to suit your needs, even outside normal work hours - 8 am suit? 8 pm ? Week-ends? No Problem.


We are contactable by phone but also by email and text message so that even if Neil or Siobhan are away from the office , you know messages reach them for action. We commit to returning your calls/ emails within at least 24 hours ( but usually strive to get within 6 hours). We will work flexible hours that suit your needs. The Office premises is easily found and has easy parking.


Promises only go so far , right? You need to know that your file will get attention as needed and from people with the right skills. We use Special Software to manage your Case . It ensures use of text messaging, e-mail, scanning and digital services are applied to your case. Our professional service has no difficulty keeping you informed and copied with important documents. That is , as long as you allow us to use of your mobile number and e-mail address.


Value is important to you and rightly so! But cheap is not always best, so be careful. We believe we can strike the right balance between Value and effectiveness.


If we fail to meet these commitments to you , we will refund you your fee. Can't do fairer than that ........so, what have you to lose? Contact us today!

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We will guide and support you through the necessary steps and procedures using our years of experience and expertise to make sure we get the best possible outcome for you.